woensdag, december 28, 2016

Trends 2017

The most important trends are moving away from telecoms, into the internet (OTT) sphere and beyond.

Networking trends:
  • Technologie: New PON technologies in fiber, Docsis 3.1 in HFC, 5G in mobile.
  • Platforms: IoT, smart city, smart car, etc.
  • Virtualisation: NFV in business services, SDN in operator/SP services.
Services and technology trends:
  • AR and VR.
  • AI, robotics, chatbots, self-driving cars.
  • FinTech, blockchain.
  • Health-tech, big data.
  • 3D-printing.
  • Solar energy.
Other options for 2017:
  • Galileo positioning.
  • IPOs: Spotify, Snap, Pinterest, Airbnb, Uber.
  • Takeovers: Twitter, Dropbox, WeTransfer.

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